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10 Best Hospital Website Designs That Will Inspire Yours

The things that bring people to a hospital website are usually not pleasant. But the things that make them stay have to be. If you’re going to turn Googlers into patients, your website will have to be more than aesthetically pleasing – it’ll have to be responsive, authoritative, easy-to-use, and highly informative.

It’ll have to boast those anxiety-soothing features that convince Googlers their search is over. They’ve arrived. They’ve discovered their healthcare haven; landed in the competent hands of compassionate professionals who will provide a happy ending to their healthcare odyssey. If your visitors feel this, they’ll click and stay with your hospital for the remainder of their treatment journey – and maybe even for life.

Research shows, that once they’ve landed on your site, you’ve got 7 seconds to entice searchers to stay. That’s how long you have to assure them that you can (and already have, for other patients) solve their specific problem. To help them overcome any doubt, fear, or skepticism about your institution, your staff, or your treatments.

So, what makes them stay?

After 17 years of designing medical website user-experience, strategizing SEO optimization, and crafting copy that converts we’ve got an idea. Creating a patient facing website requires asking some questions about what patients want and need.

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