How to Attract Patients to your Practice

WebToMed inPractice Video: How to Reach Qualified Patients Online

What can you do to convert online health seekers into new patients?

Watch Hamp Hampton, Chief Revenue Officer at WebToMed™, as he discusses methods you can use to reach qualified patients online, generate more appointments, increase revenues and grow your medical practice.

In the digital age, where information concerning health conditions is at our fingertips, attracting qualified patients is becoming more challenging, especially if your practice does not have a strong online presence. As patients flock to online symptom-checkers, they can be inundated with inaccurate information and still not find the best physician to treat their unique health condition.

To start attracting qualified patients into your practice, remember:

  1. A responsive website optimized for mobile that is aesthetically pleasing will get you higher search engine positioning and help with conversion rates of your online contact forms.
  2. Search engine optimization allows patients to find your practice on Google, Yahoo and Bing based on the conditions and treatments they are searching for online.
  3. Email campaigns can reach your patient population to reaffirm conversations you have with them in the office and encourage referrals of friends and family.
  4. A social media presence can serve as an outreach program to both patients and potential patients to provide ongoing health updates and to engage followers with relevant new information regarding your practice.
  5. Hire a professional medical marketing company to handle your online presence because it can have a tremendous impact on the success of your practice.

You have 8 seconds to make a first impression online. If you are unable to distinguish your medical practice from local competition, you risk losing new patients coming to your office. Give potential patients a compelling reason to contact you, and watch your appointment calendar become filled with highly qualified patients for your practice.

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